Books by Judith E. Smith

Becoming Belafonte book coverBecoming Belafonte: Black Artist, Public Radical

by Judith E. Smith

A son of poor Jamaican immigrants who grew up in Depression-era Harlem, Harry Belafonte became the first black performer to gain artistic control over the representation of African Americans in commercial television and film. Read more …

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Visions of Belonging book coverVisions of Belonging: Family Stories, Popular Culture, and Postwar Democracy, 1940-1960

by Judith E. Smith

Visions of Belonging explores how beloved and still-remembered family stories … entered the popular imagination and shaped collective dreams in the postwar years and into the 1950s. Read more …

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Family Connections book coverFamily Connections: A History of Italian and Jewish Immigrant Lives in Providence, Rhode Island, 1900-1940

by Judith E. Smith

Family Connections examines the dimensions of daily survival strategies for newcomers in an uncertain urban environment. Focusing on the history of Italian and Jewish immigrant families in Providence, Rhode Island, the book assesses the links between familial and ethnic culture and broader allegiances of solidarity, and suggests some of the differences between male and female experience within a shared identity as a family. Read more…

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Nothing Left to Lose book coverNothing Left to Lose: Studies of Street People

byJeffrey D. Blum and Judith E. Smith

Nothing Left to Lose is an excellent and often moving account of the encounter between counselor and client in a paraprofessional counseling center. Read more …

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